Blueprintjim is a collection of simply designed ideas for the home. From original ideas and top quality materials they are both useful and look great in any home.

Each design has come from a want and need in my own home. If it has a use and looks good then the design has done its job. 

My day job is in the Film industry working in departments ranging from Props, Special Effects to Costume. My Portfolio of work can be seen at the work ranges from Harry potter films, james bond to the kingsman.

I am using the techniques and technologies I use in my day to day work. Using good quality materials such as Stainless steel and birch faced ply is a high priority. 

Encouraging original ideas being made and produced in the UK to high standards should be supported and celebrated.

I hope you like what you see here, there are more items to be added , they are currently being tested in the house of Blueprintjim.



All Designs, Imagery and intellectual property is Copyright ©  of Blueprintjim